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SolidTechnics is your Strategic Partner for Manufacturing Outsourcing in Asia. In today's dynamic business landscape, industrial firms grapple with fierce competition and the imperative to optimize costs and efficiency.

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Unlock the Power of Asia with Our Expertise! Gain access to top-quality goods seamlessly organized by our local experts. Benefit from our unparalleled negotiation skills, ensuring you the best prices without compromising on quality. Your safety and profitability are our utmost priority. Choose us for a seamless experience and unmatched Provit!

Benefits of Outsourcing to Asia

Improvements in communication, transportation, and cost savings make outsourcing manufacturing an attractive production option. Parts can now be designed in the Europe, manufactured by a factory in China, and then sold worldwide. Moving production overseas comes with enough benefits that massive brands have been doing it for years.

Improved Efficiency

Access to Industry Knowledge

Lower Labor Costs

Company Can Focus on Core Competencies

Improved Distribution Resources

Lower Overhead Costs

Our area of expertise

Metal and steel construction

From CNC parts to complex steel construction, we have a high level of knowledge and the right supplier for you.

Casting metal components

We have contacts to many high-quality casting suppliers and are sure to have the right partner for you.

Forging & Hardening Parts

Forged parts and hardening are our specialties. Our regular customers are convinced of the quality.

Plastic injection parts

We have a good network of high-quality suppliers, especially in China.

Formwork construction

We are experts in formwork construction and offer high quality suppliers and service.

Industrial goods

We procure commercial parts at attractive prices with the necessary quality in Asia.

A few current references

A few references say more than thousand words.
SolidTechnics - special turning part 202401

Special turning part for paper making machinery in China. Surface hardening and over 2 meters long.

SolidTechnics - Engineering support

Engineering support for the design of a cable winch motor for the lift industry. Manufacture in CN.

SolidTechnics - Sunroof

Sunroof construction for US market. Lightweight construction in steel and aluminum. Production in Thailand.

SolidTechnics - CNC part

CNC milled parts (5,000 pieces) for Polish customers. Express processing and delivery to construction site in Spain.

SolidTechnics - Semiconductor Industry

Development of a new type of plating machine include Supplier audit's.

SolidTechnics - CNC parts

Turning parts (5.000 pcs.) with surface treatment and high precision.

SolidTechnics - steel casting parts

Cast steel parts (1.200 pcs.) for a waste recycling plant in Switzerland.

SolidTechnics - Aluminum parts

Supplier analysis for aluminum profiles including final inspection.

SolidTechnics - milling parts

Milling parts (1.500 pcs.) with high accuracy for paper machines.

SolidTechnics - Casting parts

Castings (12.500 pcs.) for machine factory in Shanghai, China.

SolidTechnics - sheet metal parts

Sheet metal parts (50.000 pcs.) with high accuracy and surface treatment.

SolidTechnics - welding parts

Heavy steel construction (158T) for parts of a recovery vehicle.

SolidTechnics - Ceramic rope

Supplier search for heat-resistant special ceramic rope (1.500m). Including logistics.

SolidTechnics - Plastic injection part

Plastic injection molded parts for small series (1.500 pcs.) of hand machines.

SolidTechnics - steel structure
Hong Kong

Complete production (120T) in China including production monitoring and logistics.

SolidTechnics - Steel structure

Production monitoring of manufacturing (280T) in Thailand including final inspection.


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Explore Our Success Stories

Project Highlight

  • Processing in German
  • Quality control on site
  • Delivery time guarantee
  • Cost reduction 24% (DE/CN)
  • Customer Since 2019
Outsourcing - CNC

A prominent player in European, has reached out to SolidTechnics. With a need for a diverse range of CNC parts in significant quantities, the company emphasizes the paramount importance of rigorous quality control. Each production series requires meticulous attention to detail. Final inspections are conducted by a Western employee to ensure the highest standards of quality and precision.

Project Highlight

  • Processing in German
  • Quality control on site
  • Production time: 5 weeks
  • Cost reduction 36% (CH/CN)
  • Customer Since 2022
Outsourcing - Vacuum hardening

Swiss Company Trusts Us for Unique Solutions: Seeking a 1.4-meter-long part requiring forging and vacuum hardening, they turned to us. With scarce options in Europe, we sourced two expert suppliers in China and delivered success within just 5 weeks.

Project Highlight

  • Processing in English
  • Quality control on site
  • Delivery time guarantee
  • Cost reduction 26% (US/CN)
  • Customer Since 2023
Outsourcing - Steelstructure

Meeting Demanding Standards: An American Company's Quest for Excellence: Tasked with producing over 50 specialized steel construction parts requiring precise welding and machining, with tight tolerances. Despite the challenging schedule, we delivered on time, ensuring top-notch quality control conducted by a SolidTechnics employee.

Project Highlight

  • Processing in German
  • Quality control on site
  • Delivery time guarantee
  • Cost reduction 34% (DE/CN)
  • Customer Since 2022
Outsourcing - Casting parts

Seamless Solutions: Partnering with a Premier Casting Manufacturer in China, we delivered 1,200 specialized castings for a European company's waste recycling plant. Our client was highly impressed by our professionalism and exceptional quality. We were able to reduce delivery times significantly.

SolidTechnics - aki-BOX

Another reason to choose us.

We are transparent and offer every customer access to our online project management system. Our customer can check the progress of his project at any time. 

  • Task planning
  • Gantt chart with progress status
  • Time tracking
  • Reporting system




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